Pros and Cons (including reported negative side effects)

Let me begin by saying I am a avid fan of Chiropractic care. My husband, my daughter, and myself go at least once a week to a chiropractor, if not more. Now onto the question :) Before you can get into the pros and cons of chiropractic care you first must address the issue of finding a chiropractor suited for your needs. Let me explain. Chiropractic medicine is not something that is just done when you have an accident etc. It is an ongoing part of life. Finding a Chiropractic Doctor who feels this way is the hardest part of the process and will determine your pros vs your cons.

The field of Chiropractics has come a LONG way in the past even 10 years. They are learning things all the time of how our bodies can be adapted over time and care to literally correct misalignment's that we have suffered from for so long. You want to make sure you find a Doctor who is on the same page you are, the same way you would look for a Medical Doctor who is on the same page you are.

Personally we have found that "Principled" Chiropractors fall in our range better than any other. They are the ones who generally offer "plans" that include visits for the year not just for a time perid after an injury. Many work with insurance companies and know how to get the most benefits from them.

Now lets look at the pros first:

Our daughter has been adjusted since birth. The studies show that when a child drops down in the birth canal their head is turned to one side. This creates the one side or flat head that we see from them not being able to turn their head at first. Our daughter did not have this as she was adjusted literally hours after birth.

Personally we have seen a drastic increase in our internal immune response to illnesses. When we are sick (yes you will still get sick under chiropractic care) it simply does not last near as long nor is it as bad as it was prior to. Going in and getting adjusted while you are sick is better than taking an over the counter medicine for it by far.

I had IBS and thought I would need fertility medications (medical doctors had removed me gall bladder, attempted to remove an ovary, and told me I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life and more than likely would have to use drugs to conceive). The Chiropractor found I had scoliosis and corrected it without surgery (yes it took a year to do so, but rehab from a metal bar would have taken a lifetime had I gone the surgical route). Currently my IBS is gone and we conceived with no problems whatsoever!

Children and adults alike do things every day that put us out of alignment. We are constantly injuring ourselves plopping down in a chair, missing a step, bouncing in bounce houses, playing on trampolines, playing a sport, general living! This is why care is on going. You will forever be putting yourself out of alignment and needing to be put back :)

The Cons are that once you go regularly it will be next to impossible to stop. When you start you will feel soreness in your muscles and joints as the toxins that have been locked are released as well as the ligaments loosening to adjust to the correct alignment.

If you have a bad Chiropractor just as all the things I said positive that could happen. The opposite could occur. The chiropractor will be moving your bones. You want to make sure that you are VERY confident in this prior to allowing any adjustment to occur.

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