Pain Free, Anti-Aging, Over 50, Living Healthy by Dr. Clifton Mays

Pain Free, Anti-Aging, Over 50, Living Healthy

 by: Dr. Clifton Mays

This day is about starting the path to healthy living, and before we get too crazy about getting healthy, we need to talk with our doctors. You see, many of us are seeing 3 or 4 physicians and are doing a variety of things to keep us moving, but seldom do we get everyone on the same page and talking about getting healthy.

If you have a primary care physician, they're the one to start with. They should be the most up to date about your medicines and health history and the basics you should be concerned with. The second one to talk to is your physical specialist - ie the chiropractor, physical medicine doctor,Orthopedist or the like. If you are dealing with any of the degenerative processes of aging, then motion

is going to bring life, and you can't have motion if there's a "hitch in your git-a-long". So the best person to update next is the physical specialist. I'm of course partial to the chiropractor, since he/she is the most versed on whole body mechanics and has the background that is as diverse at the primary care physician. Also the chiropractor is willing to look more at the natural side of health and healing, than increasing your need for more medicines and drugs which can often hinder the process of healing.

The only down side with the chiropractor is that they should not be taking you off any of the medications. That is the job of the medical physician. Of course the chiropractor may recommend that certain medications be discussed with your primary care physician, but ultimately the decision is yours.

In this day and age of instant information, you can do some of the research yourself on the medications you are taking and the current status of your health via basic blood work and the other physical check-ups that are routinely performed in an annual physical.

So time for a check up and it's time to get organized! Get all the health information together and bring it to your doctor. Make sure you're all on the same page and that you and your doctors are ready to keep you on the path to living healthier and pain free for many years to come!

If you have more questions, feel free to e-mail me and we'll answer the questions to the best of our ability.

Until Tomorrow - live healthy

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