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"Stress is a huge health and economic problem across America," states Atlanta chiropractor Dr Jared Simon. "Everyone, everywhere is stressed out, and it is literally making people sick. Not only does stress worsen blood pressure, it weakens the immune system and can lead to distractions and the inability to focus. In addition, when people are stressed out, both their personal and professional relationships suffer."

In fact, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reports that stress costs American businesses more than $300 billion annually, with "nearly 90% of doctor visits made by workers for conditions either directly related to, or worsened, by stress including heart disease, headaches and migraines, gastrointestinal disorders, emotional eating and obesity, diabetes, depression, smoking and substance abuse, etc."

As a result Simon has announced that he and his staff at Century Center Chiropractic are now offering Stress Relief Days for companies interested in reducing stress levels in the workplace. This includes a stress-relief workshop that teaches employees and employers tips and strategies for lowering their stress

levels, such as deep breathing techniques, nutrition, and exercise. Ten minute massages are also offered to those interested.

"The most popular part of Stress Relief Day is the massage session," he exclaimed. "It is an incredibly effective way to reduce stress, both physically and mentally, and has been shown to improve circulation, release pain-killing endorphins into the body, and even give a boost to the immune system."

Dr.Simon has been practicing in Atlanta since 1992, and is the chiropractor for the Atlanta Screen Actors Guild. For more information contact Century Center Chiropractic at 1-888-667-5235.

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