How To Clench Your Jaw, Grind Your Teeth And Make Loud Sounds?

What relation does the neck or tongue have with tooth grinding, jaw clenching or even snoring? Why am I recommending throat exercise for TMJ and for snoring the jaw exercises?

Doesn't make any sense, does it?

Will you entirely not focus on to your back if you have a backache? Or your head in the case of headache? And certainly in the case of high blood pressure, you would definitely want to lower it , Isn't it?

Well I think that these approach is ruining the traditional health system.

No muscle is an island, neither is a nerve, bone or a limp. Every cell in our body is connected to every other cell in our body. After all, every single cell (millions of them) in our body has the exact same DNA structure, but NO cell outside our body has that exact DNA structure.

Isn't that remarkable?(maybe I am getting a bit genius)

In any case, our body works in equilibrium. Today, I took my 8 years old daughter to see the chiropractor. He said that one of her leg has appeared to be a little shorter than the other. After he adjusted it they were both of the same height. So, there was not problem after that.

...because we treated it in time!

He said that it often happened to all kind of kids games. She probably might not have noticed it for years. But she would not be able to carry her body correctly. She would definitely start to put wrong weight on a wrong muscle or bone.

Maybe after attaining the age of 30, 40 or 50 years - she might start to experience knee, back, hip or even neck problems, headaches and even TMJ.

It's very likely that something similar happened to you when you were a kid. It probably happens to most of us. Something small sets our body out of balance. It isn't big. Maybe not noticeable. But little by little we add on it.

And one day, the pressure is too much and something gives in.

We generally do not fall sick out of the blue, unless there we face an accident. There is something that kept on brewing below. Maybe for years.

So, here I come back to my original question...

" Why do I often recommend the exercising of the muscles which have no relation at all with the problem area?"

Lets consider TMJ for example. TMJ is a condition where the jaw joints are dislocated or not in position which causes tension in the jaw muscles. This may often cause headaches, drowsiness, blurry vision, inability to eat or talk and many other symptoms. Not a single TMJ case is the same.

But the solution to the problem is always the same...

I do recommend the special Jaw, Tongue ,Throat and Neck exercises.

Now it's quite obvious to answer as to why do I always recommend the jaw exercises. By strengthening and loosening up the jaws muscles, these muscles often guides the jaw into its healthy natural position.

But why I also recommend throat exercises?

Because the muscles around the throat are directly connected to the jaw muscles. So is the Tongue muscle and of course the neck muscles. So if you do not loosen up and strengthen these muscles, their tension will keep on pulling on the jaw muscles and keep it from becoming healthy muscles.

The TMJ exercises come directly from my stop snoring program. The reason the same exercises work for such a different conditions is simple because they take place in the same area. So just as its important to loosening up the throat muscles to make the jaw muscles functional, it's as important to loosen up the jaw muscles to make the throat muscles functional and open up the throat - and that way cure snoring.

So, I take it to be an example. I always focus on the whole body, it does not matter I am dealing with what condition. To cure migraine you need to train yourself to breath deeply. You should also make it sure that the muscles controlling your breathing are very strong and are flexible.

You must always look at the big picture.

Since every individual affects the each other who are next to them, same is the case with every cell, muscle, bone and nerve, they too affect the object present next to them. So, as long as they possess the same DNA structure (belongs to you), you need to take care of them.

By: Christian Goodman..

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